Pattaya Property we believe that we are all amazing individuals with extraordinary potential and to achieve our true potential we need to function optimally..y

To help you achieve your full potential and function optimally we have assembled a dedicated and enthusiastic team of practitioners including chiropractor's, osteopath's, acupuncturist's, psychotherapist's and counsellor's, nutritional therapist's and physiotherapist's.


By specific adjustments to the spine we can optimise the nervous system by improving how the brain communicates with the the body.

By Find Pattaya Property For Sale we can ensure that your body is provided with the essential building blocks for healthy growth , development and recovery.

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By improving how you think we can help you respond to life differently and remove your limiting beliefs that hold you back from your full potential.

By improving how you move we can help your body regain it’s core properties of strength, speed, agility, flexibility and coordination.

If you want to discover how you can reach your full potential and have an exciting, healthy and fulfilling life contact our team and arrange an assessment.

Your Personal Health Team

Here at The Angel Wellbeing Clinic our team of practitioners and therapists keep you up to date with all the latest news in their areas of speciality. Please take some time to read their forums and post any feedback.

Hi, I'm Brian and I'm the chiropractor in Islington at the Angel Wellbeing Clinic.

I graduated from the Anglo European College of Chiropractic in 1995. I have a keen interest in promoting wellness and as a chiropractor wellness starts with Cheap Hublot Replica having a spine and nervous system that functions optimally. I have a keen interest in tennis and cycling and believe that we are designed to be active and that we should be more active.

Hi, I'm Caroline and I am one of the osteopaths in Islington at the Angel Wellbeing Clinic.

I Graduated in 2005 from The British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London. I like to treat my patients holistically, looking at every aspect that could be contributing to their condition. I tend to favour a more structural approach, and like to demonstrate to patients how to get the IWC Replica most out of their treatment outside of the clinic. see more pattaya tattoo

Hi, I'm Eglantine and I am one of the osteopaths in Islington at the Angel Wellbeing Clinic.

I graduated from the European School of Osteopathy in Kent. Subsequently I have taken a great interest in the treatment of new borns and mothers to be. I treat patients of all ages from newborn to elderly and use a wide range of osteopathic techniques such as cranial Cheap Replica Watches, structural and visceral. I believe that the osteopath’s aim is to find the cause of the patient’s presentation rather than just treating the symptoms.

Hi, I'm Jane and I am the psychotherapist in Islington at the Angel Wellbeing Clinic.

I am an Integrative Psychotherapist and Counsellor who offers a safe,Cheap Audemars Piguet Replica supportive environment for people who are in distress or who are simply trying to make sense of their lives.

Hi, I'm Zak and I am the physiotherapist in Islington at the Angel Wellbeing Clinic.

I have a passion for optimal performance. Cheap Audemars Piguet Replica I take a holistic approach to diagnosis and treatment of all musculoskeletal conditions, ranging from acute muscular injuries to worn joints, and complex nerve-related disorders to chronic postural Cheap Breitling Replica dysfunction.

I have been keen on sports from a young age with rugby union being my first love, complemented by involvement in football, hockey, athletics and cricket. Currently, I remain keen on rugby, but I am more often seen competing in cycling, running or rock climbing.

Hi, I'm Grayce and I'm the massage therapist in Islington at the Angel Wellbeing Clinic

I'm a BTEC Level 5 qualified Sports Massage and Remedial Therapist. I use a range of techniques including effleurage, petrissage, Cheap Breitling Replica Soft Tissue Release (str), MET (muscle energy technique), PIR and PNF as well as trigger point therapy. I am qualified as a KT 1-2 practitioner and use Kinesio Tape in rehabilitation cases that require it. I am also a qualified Advanced Personal Trainer with a passion for training and living a balanced, healthy, strong lifestyle.

Alexandra Huisgen Serrano the acupuncturist in Islington at the Angel Acu;unture ClinicHi, I'm Alexandra and I am the acupuncturist in Islington at the Angel Wellbeing Clinic.

I graduated from University of Westminster with Cheap Breitling Replica a First Class BSc (Hons) in Chinese Medicine Acupuncture as the top student in the full-time programme. My training included practice of acupuncture at the Westminster University’s Integrated Health Clinic for Complementary therapies and the NHS Gateway Clinic in Lambeth Hospital.

nutritional therapist in Islington Paua Jones at the Angel Wellbeing ClinicHi, I'm Paula and I am the Nutritional Therapist in Islington at the Cheap Audemars Piguet Replica Angel Wellbeing Clinic

I qualified as a nutritional therapist seven years ago. I strongly believe that every individual has their very own unique dietary and nutritional Cheap Breitling Replica requirements particularly when seeking health improvement.

I believe strongly that every individual has their very own unique dietary and nutritional requirements particularly when seeking health improvement and I from my experience I can offer realistic, achievable, diet and lifestyle changes.

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